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This Zine is about the most popular web authentication and authorization methods, also flows/grants which I feel should be easy to understand as well.

Needless to say, it is in a very easy-to-understand, comical form.

You can read it on your phone and laptop, can read it before your interview for a quick refresh, stick it to your desk for reference, and much more.

This Zine is available in 4 different versions:

1. Basic Version: Basic - Just a $2

2.  Detailed Version : 5$

3. Presentation Version Pack : 7$, Includes PPT in landscape mode and interactive mode, suitable for teachers, professors and students.

4. Pack : Basic + Detailed + PPT-2 @ 10$

If you like this, you may want to explore more zines @ securityzines.com


Also, after reading it if you don't like the content or quality of the work, please DM on twitter with License number and get your money back. 

No Questions Asked :)

I want this!

Topics Covered: Basic Auth, Session based and Token based methods, JWT, JWS, JWE, OAuth2.0 all 4 grants for Authorization & OIDC flow


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20 ratings
I want this!