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This zine discusses SQL injection which is the server-side attack that can lead to DB content exfiltration and many other cases. The cool thing here is that this is a short yet complete read. I hope you will enjoy reading this short zine.

There an exercise in this zine, do try solving and share your solution with me over Twitter. @sec_r0

If you are a hacker/bug bounty hunter web application developer or security enthusiast, trust me this zine will help you understand SQL injection the easiest way ever.

This zine is free and will always be free, in case you like my work,  do consider making a fair price for this zine :)

Here you will be getting two variants for free:

1. Portrait version

2. Landscape version PPT

You can read it on your phone and laptop, can read it before your interview for a quick refresh, stick it to your desk for reference, and much more.

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I want this!

What is SQLi, Why SQLi happens, Attack flow, SQLi Exercise, Union based SQLi, Types of SQLi, Ways to remediate SQLi bug.


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